Ch2- 11

Apr12 2010 01:47 am

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-Advertisement-, Jun18 2018 09:50 am

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-Hazgarn-, May01 2010 06:26 am

I'd let my updates on OnlineComics fall by the wayside, as most of the updating comics I was following had RSS feeds. I decided to peek in there and saw 15 updates for this comic and I was all: "Whoot!"

I've probably said before (or didn't, bur should have, my memory is terrible) how much I loved this comic. Love the art, love the plot. Both the art style and the medieval horror plot are very unique, and it's stood out in my mind enough that I'd reread the older pages a couple times.

Aaand...yeah, I'll stop. Great to see this comic updating again. :D

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